Project Taerna

A Dungeons and Dragons homebrew project started by the user Rice.

Website Update -- Taking a break from the races page, and onto my toolkit statistics. Some of my homebrew subraces rely on it!

This is a page on the web fully dedicated to hosting the world setting of Taerna including race and monster homebrew for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. It has the goal of creating content that both takes its own creative liberties, as well as serving some loyalty to any creature's mythological origins! It's still in the works, so please wait warmly as editions are made. Thank you!

Warning: The homebrew provided on this site has yet to be playtested! Use at your DM's discretion!

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This section links outside of my page, containing homebrew that I have not created. Check them out if you are interested!

Faolyn's Tome of Spells, AlmirEldignor's Homebrew Spell List