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Race Lore and Statblock Directory

This page includes all information regarding the races. What is listed below this paragraph is their summaries and their additional links. If you would like to see some subraces I've made to be applicable to almost every race, check it out here!


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The human race in Taerna is a common one, as the race has always been associated with abundance and adaptability. Humans may be found just about anywhere, always finding some way to adjust to the environmental and political climate of the region.

Lacking one definitive cultural and religious identity, the humans have landed themselves in a prominently neutral perception by outside races. Races that look upon the humans more often judge of their regional origins rather than race because of this trait, as that is the strongest tell of what a human's viewpoints may look like. But, even that's not a given.

Although humans seemingly have an absence of particular abilities, often adventurers and other strong influences of the human race gain a knack of getting things their way in the form of unique feats. Because of the odd probability of a human managing to turn things in their favor, other races seeking to maintain their powerful position tend to be wary of humans.


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The elvish race within Taerna is not small in population by any means, however remain elusive to find commonly through their attempts of hiding themselves away. Elves live in various regions, but most commonly resident in the high mountainous regions shrouded by treetops.

Elves are almost as culturally diverse as humans thanks to the varied versions of them, but do carry common traits culturally; magical, wayward, and inclined to cast a hex on you if they don't find you endearing. Encounters with the less social elves are often fleeting and strange, while the more social elves are almost... too social, much of the time.

Relationships between other regions and races are as varied as they are, and tend to be mixed even within their own communities. On one hand, the elves may seem almost non-existant to some regions and may be treated as a folktale, and others may be a bit uncomfortably familiar with them. Elves have a rather rough relationship with dwarven communities specifically, as although the elvish race is largely isolationist, they one way or another have their isolation by the dwarves sharing their general area of residence... Despite this seemingly unwanted relationship with the dwarves, the dark elves especially found fun in mingling with the dwarves regardless.

Elves are most highly noted to have resistances to certain enchantment magics, as well as a natural ability to rejuvenate one from common illnesses, or otherwise impose poor luck in one's future.


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Dwarves are a common race, though a great majority of the race live underneath the earth's surface, largely within the bodies of hills and mountains. However, their studiness and determination as a race permits them to even adapt to live in the less forgiving climates, finding residence even within glaciers or volcanoes.

Social and strictly adhered to tradition, dwarves raised within their own communities are often driven to dedicate themselves to improving not only their community but themselves. Shows of strength and development are shown not only through their artisan crafts and sprawling subterreanean cities, but also through one's possessions and proofs of successes within politics and military, such as displaying one's scars or boistering the tattered heralds of now defunct clans.

The relationships dwarves have with other races are often positive, though newly formed relationships with dwarves are often rough as they are often protective of their communities, and thus are wary. Dwarves however, are least fond of orcs, finding them to have taken their tradition's key points and distorted them to a dishonorable form.

Dwarves are otherwise welcoming to most races, embracing their neighboring dark elves as they share their underground living area. They are welcomed to such an extent that mixed dark elves and dwarves have become a notable part of their population.

Dwarves are stout, sturdy and resilient, and are almost always taught combat and art skills growing up in order to protect and further improve upon their communities. Some have even taken on some magic as a means of adapting to their living area more effectively, though this is rather rare, only commonly seen as moreso a byproduct of mixing with dark elves rather than their own racial development.